Are you looking for alternative sites for Fingerhut? I can help you.

But let me clear out one thing first with you? What is Fingerhut? If you are looking for alternatives, I hope that you are aware of it. Still, for formal information, I will be introducing Fingerhut a bit.

A bit about the Fingerhut

Since 1948 they have started their online retail business. It deals with various categories of essentialities and of various brands too. But the unique feature of the site is that they offer the credit opportunity to the buyers. For that, you don’t have to subscribe or pay any fees. Only an interest has to be paid or the late fees in case you delay in payment.

Thinking about how to get credit accountability?

One can get the credit opportunity just by applying to the web bank or the Fingerhut credit account online. It’s easy and convenient too.

I share some of the alternatives for Fingerhut like sites.

But now the time has changed. People are now opened up to different such sites that offer a similar opportunity. We have always a tendency to look for alternatives.

Well, that’s not a bad habit. Rather it can be a good one so that you can compare with each other and get the best one. So to help you find out such alternatives, here I have shared some 10 such sites. They are having features similar to the Fingerhut and also offer much more sometimes.

10 Best Alternative Sites to Fingerhut 2021

1. Shopping Channel

If you are looking for sites like Fingerhut, Shopping Channel has to be one.

When we want to buy something we always look for a collection. This site is having more than 23,000 products and can be a good competitor to Fingerhut. It is also having different categories like jewelry, electronics, appliances, kitchen and home furnishing, and many more. The site is user-friendly and it gives you access to any product conveniently.

This site is also having the option of having a credit card. One has to apply to the “TSC” and they approve for the card. On availing the card, you can get the various offers which would help you enjoy the shopping.

So what’s more do we want???

2. Flex

Here’s another option for a Fingerhut alternative.

Are you a bit surprised on hearing this name? Well, it is a bit of an unorganized website. But that does not tell everything about it. There are features that are quite interesting to make you a fan of this site.

It is having a huge range of products categorized under different headings. Also, this is the best-known site for electronics goods. On every product, you will get the option of buying on credit. Apply for the credit card through the online application form. They are easy and also fast.

Here comes the actual interest of the site. They offer you the best customer support which is incomparable. Thus such support has made it reach out to the peak of the reputation.

Use the website and see that it has made many changes to help out the customers.

Another attraction is still waiting!!!

The spending limit of the site is up to $2500. Thus it has crossed many such sites.


It does what it tells… yes, they lend you when you need the item very eagerly. Why wait for the item when you get them instantly with credit options?

Well, it’s a unique website. It just gives you the product and no payment is required. And they lend you the product in a different way. The website will connect you with different lenders and you can choose from whom you can lend the money. Thus the interest rates vary from one person to another. They changed the idea of buy now, pay later.

Now coming to the loan amount, it varies on the types of product, but in most of the cases, they are instantly approved. But to qualify they look into few criteria too.

Well, that’s not a serious issue when you get such a huge opportunity. It’s really a working website.

4. (Home Shopping Network)

HSN is a popular buy now and pays later site which people love very much. It can appropriately term as the best alternative to the Fingerhut. Products are being placed under different categories and they are easy to search too.

Getting the credits is also very easy. Just apply for it and you get the credits easily. Products that are listed on this site are available to be bought by the HSN credits.

If you are in search of a paradise for electronics in online shopping, well, I say, directly go to the stone berry.

It is a site which is specialized in electronics items and they give you a variety of choices. But they don’t dishearten others too. Besides the huge collection of electronics items, they are also having other categories too.

For the payment, obviously, they are the buy now pay later system. What they are unique in is that your installment can be as small as $5.99 in a month. Also, you don’t need to fill the form. Just order your product, choose the payment mode and automatically it will be under the approval process. Check the status for approval.

I don’t think that there are any other sites offering such a small installment amount!!

6. Shopping

They offer various product categories that are essential. Most of the products are also have low interest and so people prefer this site. There is another reason for its high popularity.

The site is useful and very easy to handle too. The beautiful interface and instant customer support have been appealing to most of the customers.

This site has a specialty that offers free shipping on most of the products. So buyers find it very interesting to reduce the shipping charge.

Isn’t it a matching competitor for the Fingerhut? Well, I absolutely think so.

7. Skymall

It is having the system of buy now and pay later. Still, it is a bit different from others.

Eager to know about what they are unique?

Well, the products available on their site are arranged in a form of a catalog and not under categories. Thus users get an ultimate interface to enjoy shopping through Skymall.

8. Country door

Do you want to get the credit approval just within a day? Who can give you?

It’s the country door who can actually give the credit allowance within a day. It is having everything from a needle to furniture for the users. Anything you don’t get anywhere can be found at the country door.

And this is the quality which made it the best alternative of the Fingerhut.

It is a beautiful website, the ultimate interface and the user-friendly website is loved by many. For information, they are also having an apparel section. It’s a bit of an add-on that can attract more customers too. So isn’t it a good choice besides the Fingerhut????

Well I think, it deserves a try!!!!

9. Seventh Avenue

I bring this website to you if you are in search of products that are not common. That can be under any category. Seventh Avenue deals with products like the solar glass bottle, rolling wicker cart, etc.

So imagine what types of other products they have in the collection for you…. it’s not the time to wait and think. Just login. You are getting the system of buy now and pay later. So what’s the problem with shopping with them?

10. MDG

We would be finishing our search with a site that has been awarded the “consumer’s choice award”. So you can clearly know that it has something that consumers find most resourceful.

Huge range of products, different brands, and unbelievable customer service- three things they concentrate on.

So if you are looking alternative, at least checks it for once.

THE lowest EMI can be $3000 which can be approved very quickly and also apply the consumer’s credit score.

Well for all this you only have to fill up a form for the credit card system.

We came to the end part…

So we are now at the stage of declaring the final verdict. As we all know Fingerhut is unique in its own way. But many times when we are out of stock with a particular product, check them at the alternatives. You never know what you get at the other sites. Maybe you started loving that site more than Fingerhut too.

Also sometimes the credit approval may fail at one site. But that does not mean others will also do the same. So try other sites and you get the dream products for you right now.