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5 Common iOS 9 Issues and How to Fix Them 

Every operating system update, no matter what the developer, always ends up causing problems. As the list of features available on the devices increases, the list of possible flaws that affect users also grows and the work of fixing bugs and releasing patches never ends….


You Need to Read These Books If You’re a Job Seeker 

You’ve graduated, but you’re still looking for a job in your area of expertise. It’s possible that reading may help you brush up on your skills and increase your chances of landing a job interview. A fresh grad may be looking for some advice on…


How to Clear Icon Cache on Mac 

Occasionally, Mac users may notice that icons in the Finder or Dock either display as generic icons or are not in alignment with what they should be (for example, instead of seeing PDF or zip icons, you might see generic document and VLC icons). If…


Mobile Gambling in 2022: A Short Review 

Mobile phones let people do a lot of tasks with almost no physical effort. The evolution of a mobile phone to the device that we call a smartphone today started in the very early 21st century. Being used only as a communication tool, a device…


Top 3 Smartphones That are Great for Gaming 

In the modern-day, technology is advancing all the time. It seems that almost daily, new technological innovations appear that change the way that humans work, rest, and play. One major technology that has changed the world in recent decades is gaming. Since the birth of…


Checking If Mobile Casino Apps Are Legit 2022 

These days, there are new casinos every month. Some of them can be trusted, while others don’t seem as trustworthy. How can you be sure that a casino app is legitimate in 2022? Many casinos have the same features. They have neat websites, lots of…