The past decade has seen a revolution in technology. The TV sector has not been spared. TV inventions come up rapidly with the latest release an upgrade of the existing technologies. This fast growth keeps TV enthusiasts wondering whether they should buy a new set every time there is an upgrade or not.

The revolution has seen TV manufacturers move from making analog to smart TVs. A smart TV allows you to do more than just watching. But again, the world is competitive and challenges keep coming up. There are so many options for smart TVs available in the market. This availability of options raises the question of how to choose a smart TV. How do you select the right smart TV? Which criteria should you use? Read on to find out more.

  1. Go for a good browser

A smart TV should come with a fast browser. We’re past the days when TVs were used solely for watching soap operas. Now, you can use a smart TV to play games online, Facebook, browse, watch movies, and do much more. It is pure entertainment and your TV should enable that.

Online gamers know what I’m talking about. You want strong internet connectivity to play online games like; table games, roulette, blackjack and online slots without interruption. It is known that online slots are one of the most played games online. There are many apps dedicated only to slots. Some of them offer free spins and you actually don’t have to deposit any cash. Many of the browser slots also give you the option of a demo play – which means that you can enjoy a popular and satisfying game without depositing even 1$ – all from the comfortable environment of your home. A smart TV with a fine browser will allow you to engage with other gamers online undisturbed.

A slow browser will intersperse the fun. You will be left hanging and lose out on games. That should not be the case with a good browser.

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  1. Choose a bigger size

You should settle for the biggest size your bank balance can allow. A smart TV will only entertain you if it is big. The bigger the characters being displayed by the TV the more the fun you will feel and experience. A smaller sized TV will surely bore you with time.

If the TV can cover the whole of a side of a wall, so be it. Watching, browsing or gaming on a giant TV is undoubtedly exciting. While a huge TV might take up a big space, you have the option of mounting it on the wall to save on space. Besides, a big sized TV is only fun if mounted on the wall. The fun is diluted when supported by furniture. Using furniture occupies more room space.

  1. Price

In most cases, the cost of a product is directly proportional to its quality. Therefore, you need to have enough money with you to cater for the cost. Later on, when the price will be forgotten, the quality will still stand. Do not settle for cheap things. You might get the lowest quality and it will cost you more to do replacements and repairs.

It is not a general rule that high-quality TVs must be expensive. Be on the watch out to protect yourself from dealers out to take advantage of unsuspecting buyers. Bargain if you can.

  1. Settle for the right brand

You’ve heard your friend or a family member say something about his/her TV set. Perhaps it was a compliment or a negative comment about the brand. That means something. Some brands are reliable while others are not.

When it’s time for you to make a purchase, it would be wise to keep the brand in mind. Doing wide and deep research is critical so that you do not buy from brands that will leave you without a TV a few months after your acquisition.

A smart TV should not be bought on the basis of trial and error. You have to go for the right brand, price, size and a fast browser. A combination of these qualities will give you the best smart TV you’ve ever imagined.

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  1. Warranty

There is no man-made product that lacks faults. Electronics are more likely to malfunction several months after purchase compared to other machines. That is why most manufacturers offer a warranty.

Well, when buying a smart TV, lookout for a one to a two-year warranty. A guarantee that covers your TV for a time less than 12 months is not recommended. A warranty is an important criterion when narrowing down your smart TV options. It comes in handy when your smart TV develops technical problems you cannot handle by yourself.

smart TV resolution
smart TV resolution
  1. Choose a smart TV with a high resolution

While a warranty and the size of a TV may have a limit, screen resolution keeps improving by the day. With the same size or prize, you will find TVs with variations in screen resolution.

Why is this feature important? You surely want to see clear images and videos on your screen. The higher the resolution the better the quality displayed on your TV.

All smart TVs have a high resolution. While that is the case, some smart TVs have more advanced resolutions than others. Ultra HD is a good resolution to settle for. Some brands call this 4K. It is the minimum standard you should settle for. If by the time you are going to buy a smart TV there is a better resolution than Ultra HD, do not hesitate to buy that one.

Tips from Experts

  • Choose Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) over Light Emitting Diode (LED). An OLED is better than LED in terms of brightness, contrast, and pictures. Compared to LED TVs, OLED allows you to have a clearer view of tighter angles. Furthermore, most LED TVs have a bump behind making them harder to mount on a wall. The only advantage that LED TVs to have over OLED TVs is the price.
  • You should go for quality over price. There are many smart TV options. Some are relatively cheaper than others. While the price of a TV is a concern, experts recommend you consider quality first and the price later.
  • Choose a flat TV. There has been a discussion of whether you should buy a flat TV or instead settle for a flat set. Experts advise you buy a flat-screen. These experts believe curved TVs are only a passing wind.

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Choosing a smart TV can be a challenge if you do not have the right criteria in mind. Manufacturers try everything they can to convince buyers to buy their products. Do not be a victim of excellent marketing. Being one will make you buy poor quality just because the brand did a good job in advertisements. Things like curved screens discounted offers, and other luring strategies should not blind you. Go for trusted brands and quality. Simplicity is everything!