Just when you thought things couldn’t get even crazier in the world of smartphones, Nubia hits you with the old 1-2 and you’re right back to square one when thinking about what’s possible when it comes to smartphone manufacturing. The reason this is a 1-2 hit is because Nubia already came out with a double display solution some time ago, but this was still getting fleshed-out and it was still in the works back then. The Chinese manufacturer released a phone with two displays back then called the Nubia X, and the Z20 is just an iteration of that design.

The new model comes with the speedy Snapdragon 855 chipset and it has 8 gigs of ram as well. So, needles to say, it’s packing a punch. Couple that with the fact that you’re working with a 4000 mAh battery, and you’re looking at an all-round decent phone to begin with when you look at the price point. The Nubia Z20 is a midrange device, so it should retail around the 500 dollar mark around the world. And while the X was exclusively available in China, the Z20 will be coming to the rest of the world as well, via the international version which will have Google services amongst other things.

The defining feature of this phone isn’t anything that has been mentioned in the previous paragraph, however. The thing everyone is looking at with the Z20 is the double-display solution. While it seemed like a gimmick in the Nubia X, more and more people are agreeing that this is one heck of a way to solve the notch issue with current phones. And while other manufacturers decided to solve this in other ways, with rotating and motorized pop-up cameras, and even cut-outs for the cameras via a punch hole in the front, nothing compares to this crazy solution that the Z20 offers.

The obvious advantage to having this sort of solution is the fact that you can use your rear camera as your selfie camera. That means that you get the full resolution from your camera, without the need of any motorized parts to rotate it like in the Asus Zenfone 6 that came out earlier this year. You can also take advantage of the ultra-wide camera as well as the macro zoom camera when taking selfies as well, though we haven o clue why you’d want to use the latter for taking a picture of your face. Maybe you want to see all your pores or something.

Regardless, the second display is also useful for switching between things that you’re doing. At one moment you could be texting someone, at the next one you might be playing some of the best teen sex games on the market. At one point in time you might be taking a picture, and then all of a sudden you’re back to the top sex games and enjoying yourself in a sort of different way.