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most expensive android apps | | Top 5 most expensive android apps

Top 5 most expensive android apps 

Who doesn’t like phone applications? They make many aspects of our lives easier and entertain us when we’re bored. Best of all, they don’t cost much, or anything at all! You only need to have a mobile phone and internet connection and you’re good to…

tomtom for android | | TomTom Android 1.4 + Europe Map 980.7895 + SpeedCams

TomTom Android 1.4 + Europe Map 980.7895 + SpeedCams 

TomTom Android 1.4 APK + Europe Map 980.7895 + SpeedCams Included (23-11-2016) | size 4.08 Gb Last minute plans? With the TomTom Navigation app, driving somewhere new couldn’t be easier. You’ve always got your smartphone with you, so navigation’s close at hand. And losing signal…

app developer | | Best Programming Apps For Android

Best Programming Apps For Android 

Today Android  devices has become a part of life due to its usability in different fields. In Google play store you can find different android apps for programmers. We can easily learn basic programming concepts with the help of these apps. We may not need to…

Best note taking app | | The Best Note Taking App for Android

The Best Note Taking App for Android 

Now taking Notes on smart devices is easy, old time ago our parents used  a pen and a sheet of paper to take notes like policeman in movies. Taking notes in your smartphone saves money, time and nature.  There are many notepad apps for android…

Android email app | | The Best Android Email Client App's 2017

The Best Android Email Client App’s 2017 

Whether you need to check personal or your professional work email on your phone is a struggle but it’s also something we just can’t escape from.  Of course the best way to check and replay to email’s is still at the desktop computer or notebook,…

Gboard for Android | | Gboard for Android

Gboard for Android 

Google pushed Gboard for Android  officially. The company on its blog today posted an update that outlines the new additions for Gboard on Android. As expected, the new software keyboard brings over the features that were originally seen in the iOS variant, including built-in Google…

app dinner | | Top 5 Best Restaurant Apps

Top 5 Best Restaurant Apps 

Nowadays there are also a large number of apps available for food and drink services along with restaurants. So today we would like to introduce you with our top nominee of Restaurant app. But before going to the list, we want to explain on which…

| | Google Allo - awesome app

Google Allo – awesome app 

Google kept its promise of launching its messaging app – Google Allo. The rumors, it turns out, were true after all. I’ve spent a good portion of the last few years on WhatsApp and only in the past few months started using Telegram. I don’t…

Ringdroid | | Ringdroid app for android

Ringdroid app for android 

If you are bored of the old and stupid ringtones on your android smartphone and done with listening to the same ringtones all the time then you don’t have to be annoyed anymore because we bring you one of the best android apps available for…

tips | | Best SMS Replacement Apps for Android

Best SMS Replacement Apps for Android 

Short Message Service (SMS) is one of the most popular ways of communication ever since mobile phones came into existence. Over the years, SMS usage has come down since online chat services like WhatsApp, Viber and others have come into existence. While these online services…