Sometimes working in Excel, moving data around, creating worksheets and removing, copy pasting, all that work can lead to huge file sizes, without realizing.Possible reasons, why the Excel file is big Reason 1: Formatting needs a lot of disk space Reason 2: Pictures and other object increase file size

Why is my Excel file size so big?

Remove Hidden / Unused Worksheets Another reason for large file size is having many unused or hidden worksheets in your Workbook. Each Excel Worksheet has it’s own share of metadata, more importantly, however, you may be keeping sheets with similar datasets, copies or unnecessary Pivot Tables that also take up a lot of space.

How to reduce the size of an Excel file?

These are the few effective methods to reduce the file size. It happens many times that we import data in excel file for temporary use but forget to remove it. This increases the size of the Excel file. To reduce the size of excel file identify the data that you don’t really need. Delete those ranges and save the file.

Why does excel take so long to load?

The first reason is loading time. If your excel file is large (2 mb or larger) you will notice longer loading time, reduced performance, unresponsiveness, etc. All this can be avoided if you keep your file size reasonable.

What are the symptoms of file size error 1 in Excel?

1 Symptoms. The file size of a Microsoft Excel workbook may unexpectedly increase exponentially. … 2 Cause. This issue may occur if Excel closes unexpectedly. … 3 Resolution. To resolve this issue, disconnect all users who are currently not using the workbook, save the workbook, and then close the workbook. 4 More Information. …