Instructions to take screen shot of an error on Windows To take a screenshot of the entire screen, press the Print Screen (it could also be labeled as PrtScn or PrtScrn) button on your keyboard. It can be found near the top, to the right of all the F keys (F1, F2, etc) and often in line with the arrow keys.

Which F key on keyboard is Print Screen?

The print screen key is typically located next to the F1-F12 keys on your keyboard.

Is Print Screen F12?

On most Windows Keyboards, the Print Screen button is located at far right-corner of the keyboard (near F12 Key) and it is usually labeled as PrtScr, PrntScr or as PrntScrn.

How do I Print Screen with F12?

The “Print Screen” button may be labeled “Prt Sc”, “Prnt Scrn”, “Print Scrn”, or similar. On most keyboards, the button is usually found next to the “F12″ and “Scroll Lock” keys. On laptop keyboards, you may have to press the “Fn” or “Function” key to access “Print Screen”.

How do I Print Screen with Shift key?

Step 2: Press the ‘Print screen’ key: Prt Sc or PrtScn. This is usually on the top row of the keyboard. When you press this, you’ll be taking a screenshot of the desktop. On some laptop keyboards, if the Prt Sc text is on the top line of a button, you will need to press and hold the Shift key and then press Prt Sc.

What is the PRINT SCREEN key?

What is the Print Screen Key? Sometimes abbreviated as Prscr, PRTSC, PrtScrn, Prt Scrn, PrntScrn, or Ps/SR, the Print Screen key is a keyboard key found on most computer keyboards. When pressed, the key either sends the current screen image to the computer clipboard or the printer depending on the operating system or running program.

What is the function of the F key on a keyboard?

On some Windows keyboards, and particularly on Mac keyboards, the function keys are also used to control music, volume, and screen brightness levels. Since these functions are used more frequently than the actual functions of the F keys, you will need to press the Fn key to activate the function keys to be able to use them.

Where is the print screen button on a laptop?

If the “prt sc” text is at the bottom of the key and below some text instead of at the top of the key, you’ll need to use the Fn key to force your computer to recognize the Print Screen function. You’ll usually find the Fn key in the lower-left side of the keyboard.

What happens when you press the print button on a keyboard?

When pressed, the key either sends the current screen image to the computer clipboard or the computer printer depending on the operating system or software program that is currently active. In the picture to the right, the print screen key is the top-left key of the control keys, which is at the top-right of the keyboard.