CloudApp is the closest thing to a native snipping tool for Mac. You can snip on Mac using keyboard shortcut with CloudApp. To take a screenshot on Mac, press Shift + Command + 3.

Is there an alternative to the windows Snipping Tool for macOS?

If you are searching for an alternative to the handy Windows Snipping screen capture tool used to capture screenshots or sections of your screen as an image, you will be pleased to know that Apple has it own alternative to the Windows snipping tool for macOS which is just as easy-to-use with shortcuts on Mac.

How to take a screen snip on a Mac?

There are different options on how to take a snip on Mac. You can use a specific shortcut for each type of screen capturing — area, window, entire screen, etc. Or, you can start with a shortcut that opens the macOS snipping tool menu and choose the best option there. What is the best snipping tool for Mac? Where do your screen snips go?

What is the best free screenshot tool for Mac?

Greenshot is completely free, open source, and it runs on both macOS and Windows. 2. LightShot LightShot is a Mac Snipping Tool alternative and arguably the fastest way how to take a customizable screenshot.

What are the options available in the menu for the Snipping Tool?

So the menu for the Mac OS snipping tool features the following options: 1 Capture Entire Screen, 2 Capture Selected Window, 3 Caption Selected Portion (area), 4 Record Entire Screen, 5 and Record Selected Portion (area).