What is the English word for flashlight? flashlight. / (ˈflæʃˌlaɪt) / noun. mainly US and Canadian a small portable electric lamp powered by one or more dry batteriesAlso called (in Britain and certain other countries): torch.

What is an antonym for flashlight? We have listed all the opposite words for flashlight alphabetically. obscurity. ambiguity. darkness. dimness.

What are the 10 words related to light? 

  • blaze,
  • flare,
  • fluorescence,
  • glare,
  • gleam,
  • glow,
  • illumination,
  • incandescence,

What is another word for bright light? 1 radiant, refulgent, effulgent, lustrous, lucent, beaming, lambent.

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How would you describe a bright light?

Incandescent: glowing, gleaming, warm, emitting light; a source of light; brilliant. Iridescent: rainbow colored, blazing; lustrous; shining; of a bulb; radiant; Lucent: bright, clear, shining; radiant; intense; dazzling; luminous; brilliant; ablaze; glowing with or giving off light.

How do you describe good lighting?

Sheeny lustrous; bright; glistening; glossy; radiant; glittering; reflecting light. Shining splendid; brilliant; radiant; distinguished; emitting or reflecting light; polished. Shiny radiating or reflecting light; bright; having a shiny and smooth surface; glossy; excellent; remarkable.

How do you describe a bright color?

Beaming – Bright; shining. Bold – Bright; vivid. Bright – Brilliant in color. Brilliant – Vivid; intense.

What does a glimmer of light mean?

A glimmer of light is just a little bit of light, maybe sneaking through the curtains enough to make a flicker on the floor. A glimmer of an idea is just a small inkling of an idea.

What is the synonym for luminous?

Some common synonyms of luminous are bright, brilliant, lustrous, and radiant.

What’s another word for light energy?

Answer and Explanation: Another name for light energy is electromagnetic energy. Light is an electromagnetic wave, which means it has two wave fronts.

What is to ignite?

Definition of ignite

transitive verb. 1a : to set afire also : kindle. b : to cause (a fuel) to burn. 2 : to subject to fire or intense heat especially : to render luminous by heat. 3a : to heat up : excite oppression that ignited the hatred of the people.

What kind of word is Ignite?

to set fire to (something), to light (something) to spark off (something), to enthuse. to commence burning.

What is the correct word of Ignite?

verb (used without object), ig·nit·ed, ig·nit·ing. to take fire; begin to burn.

What word rhymes with Ignite?

Word Rhyme rating Categories
plight 100 Noun
fright 100 Noun
excite 100 Verb
recite 100 Verb