Apple keyboard F12 key On Apple keyboards, the default F12 key primary function is to turn down the audio. Pressing the fn + F12 for the secondary function is F12.

What does the F12 key do on a keyboard?

The F12 function key only has a function when used in Office programs. If you press the F12 key in one of these programs, the “Save as” menu will open. You can save your file directly by combining this key with the Shift key. By holding the Ctrl key when you press F12, you can open a saved document.

What is the difference between F1 and F12 on a computer?

Now, to make matters even more confusing, some computer manufacturers assign F1 to F12 to perform the computer functions such as brightness and volume. But to use F4 as a shortcut key in a program you need to press Fn F4. But other computer manufacturers set up things the other way around.

What does Shift + F11 + F12 do?

Shift + F11 adds a new spreadsheet in Excel; Hides all open windows and shows the desktop in macOS 10.4 or later; F12. Opens Save As in Word; Shift + F12 saves Word document; Ctrl + F12 opens Word…

What is the function of the F9 key?

Similar to the F7 key, the F9 key only has a function if you combine it with another key. For example, in Office programs the F9 key can be used with the Ctrl key to insert curly brackets.