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How to Install Flixnet Kodi Addon 

Flixnet is the most popular Kodi addon that provides a wide array of content to its users. Even though it is a newer addition, it derived many attributes from other popular addons. FlixNet Kodi addon enables you to stream films, TV shows, Anime, and different…

how to clean iphone speaker slot

How to Clean a Phone Speaker | Fix sound problems 

Have you been having trouble hearing calls on your mobile lately? It may be heard cut off or distant, or simply stopped being heard. This can be particularly annoying when we receive phone calls, we want to listen to audio or music. Do not worry,…

best cloud storage for android | | Best cloud storage services for your Android

Best cloud storage services for your Android 

With a mobile phone that is Pictures and Videos able Creating documents and media, a download is something we often take granted. That such a small device is as strong and as capable at home much is lost on a lot of us. in the…

power consuption mobile | | What Consumes the most Energy from your Smartphones?

What Consumes the most Energy from your Smartphones? 

As a smartphone user, a fully charged battery is always a pleasure. No wonder some people carry power banks around to ensure that their mobile device is always charged. Have you noticed that even when you are not using your smartphone the battery runs down?…

Cydia repos | | How to add Source/Repo to Cydia

How to add Source/Repo to Cydia 

Manually adding Sources/Repositories to Cydia: 1. Open Cydia and select Manage option on the lower menu bar. 2. Select Sources option and click Edit then Add on the upper menu bar. 3. In pop-up window type Source/Repo url correctly and click Add Source. 4. After…

bitcoin | | 5 Best Passive Income Investments

5 Best Passive Income Investments 

Despite having a steady paycheck from a 9 to 5 job, many people out there dream of earning money while sleeping or having sunbaths at the beach. Unfortunately, not many people know the secret to turning their dreams into reality. The fact that you’re here…

Jailbreak iOS 9.2 | | Jailbreak iOS 9.2

Jailbreak iOS 9.2 

Apple released iOS 9.2 on December 8th, including several bug fixes, features & enhancements including support for AT&T’s NumberSync, iPhone support for Apple’s USB Camera Adapter, support for Mail Drop in Mail, enhancements to Safari View Controller and a lot more. iOS 9.2.1 was released…