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Fake location android 2 | | How To Fake Your Location On Android

How To Fake Your Location On Android 

Make sure you have Developer Options enabled on your device. To check if you do, open the Settings app and scroll down to the very bottom. You should see ‘Developer Options’ just above the ‘About phone’ and ‘System UI Tuner’. If you don’t see Developer…

lollipop1 | | Android 5.0 Lollipop tips

Android 5.0 Lollipop tips 

On the surface Android 5.0 Lollipop seems like the most accessible version of Android to date. Google is out to win some Apple fans. However, the software, which is already available for the Nexus 9 and will be running on the Nexus 6, still offers…

apple pay | | Which Stores Accept Apple Pay?

Which Stores Accept Apple Pay? 

If you want to see exactly which businesses accept Apple Pay right now, here’s a full list for physical locations, as well as places that do not accept Apple Pay or have been known to disable it entirely. There are also a bunch of iOS…

earth wallpaper

Download Live Earth Wallpapers to your Phone 

Google collaborated with a design agency named B-Reel to make stunning backgrounds for its premium branded Pixel devices. And One of the many features shown off at the October 4 announcement event was the Pixel 2’s updated live wallpapers. The Live Earth Wallpapers would be…

iPhone 8 766794 | | How Old Is My IPhone: 3 Ways To Find out IPhone Age

How Old Is My IPhone: 3 Ways To Find out IPhone Age 

We all know our age, we all know our kids age and etc. But have you ever thought about your smartphone age? Smartphones like Apple iPhones can last very long, or if you can’t afford new device from Apple store, you can buy one in…

Old Phone Work Faster | | How To Make My Old Phone Work Faster

How To Make My Old Phone Work Faster 

Do you remember the first feeling when you held your brand-new phone? Getting a new electronic will always be a very exciting experience. But then human nature chips in! This means that with the weeks, days, months, and years, the initial attraction you felt for…

apply update from adb | | How to Apply Updates from ADB sideload or Recovery mode

How to Apply Updates from ADB sideload or Recovery mode 

Are you looking for updating your cell phone? Then here is the easiest way to update your phone with minimal efforts. The situation arises when you cant download update to your phone or downloaded update cant be installed onto your phone. In cases like this,…