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block unknown callers

How to block unknown callers on iPhone 

Receiving calls from numbers that are unidentified is just annoying. What’s even worse are calls from callers without a caller id, and unknown. Needless to say, the FCC mandates that attorneys aren’t permitted to block their numbers, but without a way to follow back a…

Play Retro Games

How To Play Retro Games In Your Smartphone 

The opportunity to play a classic game is something never to pass up. Engaging in something you once loved as a child can bring back all the sweet memories of the good old days. Where you’d turn on your system that can play all retro…

Galaxy S9 charging issues

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S9 That Won’t Charge? 

Cell phones come in different variations that allow their owners to have a variety of benefits. Some models are better than others, but that does not imply that the Samsung Galaxy S9 that won’t charge. The error is quite common in this specific model, and…

safari cant find server error | | How to Fix Safari Can’t Find Server?

How to Fix Safari Can’t Find Server? 

In this era, we are all familiar with technology. There are many technology companies but Apple is the world’s largest and valuable technology company, that always head towards innovation. Approximately there are 1 billion Apple user across the world.Like other companies Apple devices also have…

Youtube in background android | | How to Play YouTube Videos in Background

How to Play YouTube Videos in Background 

Usually when you are playing a YouTube video on your Android device the video stops as soon as you open another app. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the video continued to play while you used other apps? In this article we will be showing you…

Google Maps version 8 | | Google Maps 8.0 interface

Google Maps 8.0 interface 

Google today unveiled a pretty great refresh to the Google Maps app today, bringing vast improvements to the navigation experience and usability across the board. For once Google has also included a proper changelog with the update, giving us a peek at what’s actually new…


How to restore WhatsApp backup without uninstalling 

Do you have important official chats on WhatsApp but are about to change phones and want to backup WhatsApp? It is a fact that, in a short space of time, WhatsApp has become an important application around the world. With the increase in the use…

Stream Hub Kodi Addon

How to Install Stream Hub Kodi Addon 

Streamhub has been gaining popularity for streaming as a Kodi addon. The Streamhub Kodi add-on gained Kodi users’ confidence for supplying dependable, working streaming links. The best thing about Stream hub Kodi Addon as of today is how it’s gone to enhance the user interface….

Turn Off Safe Mode on Android | | How to Turn Off Safe Mode on Android

How to Turn Off Safe Mode on Android 

Safe mode is the best tool Android developers made, Safe mode can help you to track down the causes of problems you may have with your android device. When you boot your phone into Safe mode, it doesn’t run any third-party apps installed on your…