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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 How to Download and install Official TWRP

In this tutorial we will show you how to easy download and install TWRP  for Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (Xiaomi Redmi 3). Finally, after a lot of wait the official TWRP has been made available for all Xiaomi Redmi 3 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 users. The TWRP recovery is really useful when flashing the zip file and rooting your device. In this post, we will be showing you how to install the official TWRP on your Redmi Note 3. The process is fairly simple and once the official TWRP is installed, you will be able to get root access on your Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 by flashing few specific zip files.You will be needed to download and install few things first to be able to carry out the installation process. For this job we need: A Redmi Note 3 with unlocked bootloader Download TWRP by going to this link …

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How To Install Android ADB and Fastboot (with drivers) on Windows

In this article we will provide you Full Step by Step Guide how to Install Android ADB and Fastboot On Your Windows. This is the easiest and fastest guide to Install Android ADB and Fastboot (with drivers) on Windows device.  If you want to root or want to do any other modding to your android device through fast boot then you must have ADB and Fastboot installed on your Windows, otherwise, the device will not connect to your PC and you can’t perform any task. Both the tools are used to send terminal commands to an Android device from a PC command line. So follow the instructions and you will have all the freedom with your device. Full guide how to Install Android ADB and Fastboot Download 15 seconds ADB Installer 1.4.2 If the above version doesn’t work well, try ADB installer v1.3 Step By Step Guide how to Install Android ADB and Fastboot First Download …

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How to root Samsung Galaxy S8 and install TWRP

In this article, we will be covering comprehensive methods with all the details on how to root Samsung Galaxy S8 and install TWRP. This method is simple and easy like in other Samsung models. Rooting your device always gives you a lot of features which we don’t usually get with Stock ROM. You can overclock your phone to increase its performance. You can even under- clock the processor to improve battery timing of your phone. Other than these features, there are a lot of other cool features which can be accessed, such as privacy settings can be changed, once you have rooted phone. A lot of apps on Play store work only with rooted Galaxy S8. The real performance of an Android smartphone can only be unlocked once it is rooted. Rooting your Galaxy S5 Neo, lets the user flash different Custom MODs, ROMs, and such stuff onto the device. …

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