This file app icon is in your taskbar or Start menu. Navigate to a location where you want to save your screenshots to. Since the default location is “This PC > Pictures > Screenshots,” you can try moving them to “This PC > Documents > Screenshots.”

Where are screenshots saved in Windows 10?

Save Screenshots to the Screenshots Folder. If you press Windows and PrtScn keys to take a screenshot on Windows 10 and Windows 8, your screenshot will be saved into the Screenshots folder by default. Where to find the Windows screenshots folder? During this time, you can open C Drive Users folder.

What to do if I forget where my screenshot was saved?

The Snipping Tool that lets you choose where to save each screenshot you take; if you forget where your last screenshot was saved, try saving another screenshot with the Snipping Tool and look in the folder where you’re prompted to save it, since this is most likely the same location as the file you’re trying to find.

How to save a screenshot as a file on Windows 7?

The captured screenshot will not be saved as a single file. Actually, this Windows screenshot goes to clipboard. You can open any image editor (Paint) to paste and save screenshots from the clipboard. Well, you can get the same result by taking screenshots on Windows 7 via Windows and PrtScn keys.

Do screenshots get saved to a file by default?

We’ll help you figure it out. If you press the Print Screen key to take a screenshot, the screenshot does not get saved to a file by default. Instead, Windows copies the shot into the clipboard, which is a special portion of memory for temporary copy and pasting use.