Life is full of busy schedules and involvement, all the time. People are so busy in their work that they don’t have enough time, sometimes even for their dear ones. But when we to talk about reading their favorite books, everyone manages the time to get into the life story through the story written in books. But all the time carrying books might be irritating for many of us and might be even wishing more for reading people avoid reading because of paying some bucks for these books even then not able to find themselves able to carry and maintain the book all the time.

Even in the 21st century, millions of readers and highly successful people recommend every day reading of at least one hour. If you want to improve yourself, then books can be the best and the most reliable source of information. However, the price of a good quality book can burn a hole in your pocket and it can add a serious burden to your monthly expense list. That is why many season readers recommend free e-book sources to get the books free of cost. Well, if you want to get a good quality e-book which looks like an original one but without adding any extra burden to your monthly budget then you can easily download the books from a torrent site. Here is the list of top 10 torrent sites, which will help you to download an e-book at free of cost.

10 Best E-Book Torrenting sites

ebook torrenting sites
ebook torrenting sites

1.Wiki Books

This is our first site on this list. This torrent site is considered one of the most popular sites to get good quality books. Language is a key point that makes us confused some time to decide whether to choose one site or not. But if we talk about wiki books, this website has one of the very good options to choose from not just 3 or 4 but up to 10 different languages, which is an extra benefit. Using these options people with any out if out of 10 given languages, can use this site to read their favorite books but  If you are a multilingual person, then this is the would-be more beneficial site to go for to you. The user interface also makes a site worthwhile which increases the chances to provide the chances to enhance the surfing experience of the surfer. The user interface of this torrent site is very easy to use, and this user interface has been developed by the designers by considering the amateur users. If you are new to torrent, and looking for an easy to use the website then this is the one to go for.

  1. Pirate Bay

The second website is Pirate Bay.

This is the most popular and an old torrent website to get your e-book from. Almost every torrent user is using this website to get their free downloads. Be it a movie, or a video game, or an e-book this website is for everybody. All you have to do is, go to the website and search your desired book on the search bar of this website. You can easily get multiple versions of your desired book, and all you have to do is download the book and start using it.

This site is also known for its safer surfing. Users browsing this site need the bot to worry about the VPN issue. This site provides with peer to peer a

file transfer which assures it’s user for enhanced security.  Many people think that the sole purpose of this site to provides its user a great collection of free books only so let me clear you, as I already mentioned above too, this site can be used to get good help for downloading movies, Ebooks, Images, Mp3, etc. This is a multi-purpose site to increase the entertainment of the visitors.

  1. Free

In this series, our next website is Free

This is one of my most favorite sites also to read books for free. The home page of this site attracts a lot. It is filled with the cover pages of many books and all these books details are given with the cover page. Even it is not possible practically but this feature invites the user to read all the books one by one. The look of the website is sober and eye-soothing. While browsing this site you will not feel bored and every time you will get some new updates regarding the available books. Currently, this site is offering 5 books per month to read which is a good number to go for.

This torrent site is specially developed for all book lovers, and you can get only an e-book from this site. This site has a very easy to use interface, and searching a new book on this website is very easy. You can easily get a very high-quality version of your desired book from this website free of cost.

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  1. 1337X

This site was launched in 2007 and by 2016 it became quite popular worldwide. It also enables its users for P2P file sharing. There are many proxy addresses on the web which links you directly to the server of this site

The website is one of the most popular torrent sites is 1337x. this is a go-to site for all the new torrent users, and this is the most recent one as well.

  1. Free Computer Books

As the name suggests, this site is solely devoted to studying the subjects to know the computer very well. This site has the links of many free books, tutorials and notes provider all over the world. This site has a huge collection of links which may be proved very useful for the students, working person or the information gatherer for such topics. Links available on these sites are for various subjects like mathematics, computers, computer languages like HTML and Java, tutorials, videos, etc. So if you are searching for the best site for proving such materials, this site would probably end your search.

This website is for all your needs. You can read e-books, subject videos, or anything you need to study from the topics given. The best part is everything is available here for free of cost.

6.Book Share

This site also one of my favorite websites for reading books for free. There are many such features on this website which you may miss in others.

This site enables you to read a huge number of ebooks on the go. It has a variety of collections to choose from according to your mood and interest. There are options on this site to format the pages and text or style of background like this to make the user experience of the next level. Customization is one of its main feature which makes it stand out from the common array. It also has the feature of enjoying books with audio with its rich audiobook format. So this is a big recommendation to use this site at least once if you are a true book lover.

This torrent site is also very easy to use, and it will help you to get your desired e-book at a free of cost. This is one of the biggest online libraries you can access free of cost.

  1. Torrent 9

This site also provides not just books but also other software and videos and movies. This is a very popular site among its users. There are a lot many contents on this site that can be accessed without paying a single penny. All the contents are rich in quality and high in demand in the market. For the same, you may have to lose your pockets on other sites but here is available for free.

So if you need to get any book, movies or software and you are not getting them anywhere else, this site may end your further search.

The easy to use interface has helped this torrent site to rank above all, and it is extremely easy to use for every kind of user. If you want very high-quality e-books which are of a very high price then you can use this website.

  1. Books Yards

In the same series, our next site is Bookyards. The user interface of this site is very simple. There is nothing much on the home page of this site to make you confuse to choose which option to click and which options to not. Here you can search your book either with the author’s name, with the title of the book or by genre or categories.

Even if you will provide just some part of the title name or author name, the site will provide you with the complete info of the book you are searching for.

This website is one of the favorite sites for all the book lovers around the world. You can get almost any kind of book at absolutely free of cost. So, getting a costly book free of cost is your only concern then this is the site you need to visit.

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  1. Seed Peer

This site was launched in August 2005  to fulfill the purpose of providing good content to its users. Many ones thought to buy this site at that time and the company Targetpoint gave the proposal to the webmaster but the result was not in the favor of the Target point. It’s a proposal to buy the site was rejected.

The seedpeer was not the first name of this site. When It was launched, its name was Meganova.

But soon launch, the officials of this site decided to change the name of this site and finally this site for its present name Seedpeer in September 2007.

If you want to get very hard to access books at free of cost, then this is the site you should go for. This site offers all the premium quality books at free of cost. After entering this site, you will really feel to recommend this to everyone just like me.


Last but not least our this site is to have all the things which a good ebook site should have. The user interface of this site is very simple and even a new user can sure on this site easily. This site provides a great number of free books at your ease. In recent years the site became quotes popular among users who were using the paid subscription for reading inline free books. The services provided by this site is a tough competition for the paid sites. Here you can either read the book online or can download them for reading even when the internet connection is not so strong.

This site is especially for e-books, and this site is the only site where you can easily access high-value e-books at free of cost. If you want to get a very expensive or rare book without shedding money from your bank account then this is the site to go for.

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These were the top torrent sites we discussed today. Each above-mentioned site is worth to visit once at least. I just told you what I thought would be good and beneficial or the users both from the content and finance perspective. All the above-mentioned sites are used before giving you the recommendation and all can surpass the others in some specific features. The real evaluation can be done only by the users after using them. It’s for the sure you will not regret to know about these very useful and free sites and you may think that why these sites we’re out of your knowledge so far.

So what you are waiting for now? Just go one these sites and bang on the suitable list with your quick desire to get satisfied. Hopefully, you will have a very good session in any of these recommended sites today.

Have a happy and free reading while enjoying all the other stuff of life.