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PopSocket Review

Most people do not understand Popsockets (starting at $ 10) before trying one. You’ll find one or two on the back of almost every iPhone, iPod and iPad around the iPhone Life desktop. We use them when we take selfies, wrap our ear cords, attend meetings, or go behind the scenes in Iowa. These 1.5 inch plastic circles are simple, a little silly and incredibly useful. Read on to find out if Popsocket and Popclip are practical iPhone accessories or clumsy distractions. PopSockets are a small stick-on phone accessories that are one part stand, one part grip, with a dash of fidget cube mixed in. Is this cheap accessory for you? Here’s how they work and why you might want one for your phone. How Does it Work? Flexibility and durability are the keys to Popsocket design. The accordion rotates 360 degrees and has two different telescopic levels to adjust …

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Best Android speed charger

Fast charging is a relatively new feature that you may not realize. Most new Android phones support some form of fast charging and (with the right charger), you can fill your battery in minutes instead of hours. There are, however, many competing standards, so we have sorted out the issues for you. How Android Fast Charging Works The new Android phones support fast charging technology that allows you to charge your battery faster than you’ve done before. Most phones can charge up to 50-60% in less than half an hour, which is a lifesaver when you need to complete your phone in the middle of the day. Each company has a slightly different version of the technology. Some will charge faster, while others will be slower, but they will not make your battery as hot, which can extend the life of your battery. All phones are equipped with regulators, so …

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